The BEST All Real Female Fighting

Our private video fights are rough, non-scripted, and 100% competitive. Our rules – anything legal in MMA. When closed fist striking, no strikes to the head or face. Everything else is legal, with hairpulling for head control. Immediate release on tap out. The fighting is aggressive yet safe. All women follow the guidelines so no one gets hurt. We do not permit any humiliation, degrading moves or attitudes. Our Extreme Fights are intense! Most private videos average 25-35 minutes. Our Live Events are strictly grappling, are safety oriented and entertaining.

FFV207 Shanna vs Santana Garrett (TNA, NXT) Two Top Pro Wrestlers in REAL Freshfite Fighting from Indoctrination Tournament

FFV310 Sammie vs Styna Extreme MMA Glove Grudge Fight

FFV289 Sammie vs Craze Jer Extreme Fight Marathon Match

Sammie vs Sarah Logan (NXT, Crazy Mary Dobson) in REAL Freshfite Fighting

FFV282 Nikki vs Sammie Extreme Fight

FFV234 Tia vs Mayhem MMA Glove Brawl

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