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FFV229 Tia Takedown vs Sammie the Bull Extreme Catfight
FFV224 Sammie vs Paisley Extreme Catfight Rematch
FFV205 Sammie vs Shanna Indoctrination
FFV230 Sheena vs Layla Layout Extreme Catfight

Our private video fights are rough, non-scripted, and competitive. Our private video fight rules – anything legal in MMA except no rear naked chokes. When striking, no strikes to the head or face unless wearing full headgear. Otherwise, everything else is legal, with hairpulling thrown in for head control. Immediate release on tap out. The fighting is rough, aggressive, yet safe. All women follow the guidelines so no one gets hurt. We do not permit any humiliation or degrading moves or attitudes among the fighters. Our Extreme Face Slapping Catfights are intense! Most private videos average 25-35 minutes. Most are in Hi-Def. Our Live Events are strictly wrestling, are safety oriented and entertaining.