Hall of Fame

Freshfiters who were part of Freshfite in our first 3 seasons (through Video FFV170) are eligible. The inductees are:
1. Tia Take Down (Tia Elizabeth) – retired as undefeated Middleweight and Club Champion. 1st member of Freshfite, and the pioneer. Still trains.
2. Wildcat Anne – Intense rough catfighter, 4’11 100 lbs of muscle. First Lightweight Champion, defeated Sammie in their only live event.
3. Andi – the Princess of Pain – Heated rival with Anne, Beth, Ivy and Sammie. Had intense brawls with Sammie and others. Liked to hurt her opponents
4. Amazon – Her top rival was Tia Take Down, and they had some of the roughest most memorable fights. One of only two fighters to make Tia tap out.
5. Laycee Slayed – Rough catfighter and former pro wrestler, major rival of and had some intense angry catfight brawls with Sammie and Jade.
6. Jessa – First season rival with Tia. Fought Tia 3 times including the first Middleweight Title fight that lasted 40 minutes.
7. Jade – Her animosity with Sammie them to Freshfite, and their clashes are epic. She had no love lost with Laycee, and took on Tia as well. A natural fighter.
8. Rose – Toughest, scrappy fighter nicknamed “Fearless: for a reason. Lost the inaugural Lightweight Title fight to Sammie, and has pursued her ever since. Loved fighting Tia.
9. Kat – Went toe to toe with Sammie in some brutal kickboxing fights including one epic Live Event. A talented fighter who never backed down.
10. Kayley Foxx – Over 40 fighter who proved age is no limit. Intense catfighter who brawled with Sammie repeatedly, and took on Rogue in a classic over 40s catfight.
11. Synystar – Former pro wrestler who had some classic brawls with Sammie including boxing and MMA gloves. Known for her cocky attitude and mouthiness, along with talent.
12. Crazy Mary Dobson/Sarah Logan – Pro wrestler who is a brawler – her fight with Sammie is rough and epic with no holding back. Now has a WWE contract.

Wildcat Anne