Freshfite Indoctrination Tournament! – Freshfite Fighters vs Top Pro Wrestlers

PRO WRESTLING and FRESHFITE FANS! THE EVENT OF A LIFETIME HAPPENED! Two TOP pro wrestlers, Shanna the international superstar, and Santana Garrett (NXT, Brittany TNA), in REAL, 30 plus minute, submissions only, LEGIT extreme Freshfite grappling catfights. These two were itching to show their fans and the wrestling world which of them was the BEST REAL grappler/fighter. They also did not want to be shown up by Sammie the Bull, the Freshfite Title Holder in their weight class! Each match has a winner. Santana and Shanna like you have never seen them before! Sammie better than ever! All four fights were among the most intense we have ever filmed. A definite tournament and gauntlet winner emerges! Note – the last match was to be a tag team, but due to an inadvertent early injury to Raven the gauntlet was created. Get the videos below or on their separate pages.

Click the Links Below for these incredible Collector’s Item Videos
FFV205 Shanna Perfect vs Sammie the Bull Real Grappling Catfight
FFV206 Shanna Perfect vs Santana Garrett
FFV207 Santana Garrett vs Sammie the Bull Indoctrination Title Match
FFV208 Tag Match to Gauntlet Finale