Jack Sharp – Top Freshfite Fan May 2015

Jack Sharp – Top Freshfite Fan May 2015

Q – Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a world famous personality with millions of adoring fans around the world. In my head. But in reality I’m 39, live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia and have a wonderful wife (not bad on the eye either 😉 ). My parents both suffered a disability which naturally led me into a career of supporting those in need. I currently run a not for profit organization that transitions people with a disability out of institution type accommodation into the community.

Q – What got you into Freshfite?

I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was 5 years old. In the 90s I came across a few matches of Toyota Manami from Japan and quickly realized that females, when given the opportunity, put on better matches than the men. Case in point – When WWE shone the spotlight on Trish Stratus and TNA focused on Gail Kim and Awesome Kong. I dabbled with MMA but became bored quickly because the hype rarely matched the event. That was until I was invited to a live event and saw my first female MMA contest. I can’t remember their names but boy did these girls pummel one another for three straight rounds. I spent the rest of the card along with the crowd half asleep. So my interest then piqued in female MMA and through some investigative journalism I came across Sammie The Bulls profile on Facebook. When she accepted me, I was introduced to Freshfite. Then in a strange karmic twist, Sara Jay a local Australian wrestler/MMA legend (I watched her debut when she was 16!) and long time Facebook friend said she may be heading to Freshfite, my mind was blown. I signed up for Gold Membership and since then I’ve been hooked. To see two competitors (sometimes four) walk into a bout, give it 110% every time is an absolute joy to watch.

Q – What do you enjoy most about Freshfite?

It’s easy to say the competition, wide range of styles and fighters, the intensity and sports(wo)manship. But the thing I most enjoy so far has been being introduced to the Freshfite community. You guys really know how to treat your fans, plus I’m proud to say I’ve made a ton of friends as well (Hi Jr Thomas!). Plus when you learn about Freshfite’s mission, you become proud to be a supporter. Not many people realize what and how much Freshfite have done for their fighters.

Q – Who is your favorite Freshfighter?

Sammie The Bull – because I never want to be trapped in a leg scissors from her, and Rose…and Raven. However as I am introduced to more fighters, I’m realizing its difficult to have a favorite as the heart, dedication and intensity of each one are values that I admire so much. It’s like asking a father to pick a favorite child.

Q – Any other comments?

It’s an honor to be picked as the first Top fan – do I get a certificate? Only joking. I would just like to thank JK for what he has established, Shannon for her hard work on the website and all the fighters for giving me the pleasure of watching them and what they do. It’s truly appreciated.