FFV281 Desi Payne vs Tasha Extreme Fight


FFV281 Tasha and Desi have clashed in a live event, and Tasha wanted a full private extreme catfight to really have the opportunity to take it to Desi. Desi has gotten rougher and meaner with every fight she has, taking merciless pleasure in making her opponents tap out in pain. Fans asked for bikinis, both women said yes, and it was on. Both women slap, but one really rips into the other, slapping every chance she could, over and over. The tap outs are painful, including one grueling 12 minute fall. The final tap out leaves one women with a bruised cheekbone, unable to continue. Both declare in the interview, “it's not over,” and the winner finishes by calling out Sammie and Lex for a slapping fight. A classic extreme fight with tap outs on both sides.