FFV299 Sammie vs Styna Extreme Fight


The fight we all knew had to happen between two of our most popular fighters. These two had some rough encounters at Live Events, and had 1 abbreviated private fight when Styna was brand new. Sammie roughed her up in a recent Live Event (some would say fought dirty) which angered Styna, and Styna had tapped her out in a Live Event with a triangle choke that did not sit well with Sammie. The rookie and the veteran. This is Styna’s first full extreme fight, and she LOVED it. Styna hurt Sammie’s face with her vicious face palm strikes and almost broke her nose. Sammie elbowed Styna in the face and left a bruised cheek and black eye. Body slaps, guard slams, hairpulling, words exchanged, and two intense submissions, with one girl gloating about the hold but paying for it. One of our roughest fights. This rivalry is just getting started. Two sore exhausted fighters, and a video you don’t want to miss. And a rematch coming.