FFV307 Styna vs Sammie Grudge Extreme Fight Rematch


FFV299 ended 3 months earlier with Styna irate at Sammie's flex over her in an inverted triangle, and Sammie's cocky mouthing off while having Styna helpless. Styna has seethed ever since, trained hard, and has been dying for this rematch. She repeatedly attacks Sammie's face and head with brutal slaps. and leaves marks on Sammie's back from her vicious slaps. She even bruises Sammie's legs. It seems she doesn't care about tapouts – she just wants to unleash her anger on Sammie. Sammie fights back, leaving Styna with a black eye. Two long intense falls for this over 30 minute video. We have never seen Styna this violent before. The loser doesn't care about the score. An extended interview ends with the cocky Sammie slapping Styna in the stomach, and exhaustion might have prevented it from starting again. They both want an modified MMA cage fight rules rematch where they can punch and kick, as this fight just took the rivalry to an entire new level, beyond any rivalry Sammie has had. This video is a must have.