FFV308 June 3 Live Event Paige vs CeCe, Paige/CeCe vs Sammie Handicap Tag Match


Two incredible newcomers Paige and Cece, both college athletes, square off in their first ever fight, which turns rough from the very start. Two friends who are not friends in the ring. They battle for the full ten minutes and want more. Then, they team up in a handicap tag match to take on Sammie the Bull, and it's a fifteen minute war where Sammie is thrown around and attacked over and over. One incredible body scissor leaves Sammie holding her ribs and wincing in pain. Sammie also has to fight her way out of some brutal arm holds. The tag partners figure out not to let go of Sammie until the other has a hold of her, making for a brutal fight for Sammie. New rivalries are formed as one of the new fighters, Paige, is in Sammie's weight class, and wants her Lightweight Title, as well as a private fight. CeCe wants her too. Two great Live Event matches that go back and forth.