FFV310 Styna vs Sammie Extreme MMA Glove Fight


Styna really was out to hurt Sammie in FFV307, their extreme catfight rematch, and she succeeded. But it wasn't enough. She wanted to put on MMA Gloves and kick, knee, punch, palm strike and really go to war. She called out Sammie, who gladly accepted. Styna has been training in kickboxing, and she once again takes it to Sammie. A sponsor asks for no rounds, but just continuous action till a tap out. Styna almost knocks Sammie out with a backdrop slam, and mercilessly kicks and knees Sammie in the body and palm strikes her head and face over and over. Sammie fights back, landing great body punches and kicks. The groundfighting is intense between these two as always. Only one tap out in the entire match. The match ends when one fighter injures her foot throwing a brutal kick, so while there is a winner, they both agree this is just the beginning. Sammie wants more, as does Styna. A Freshfite CLASSIC – palm strikes to the face and head rather than punches is the only difference between this and a full MMA cage style fight.