Freshfite takes our rules very seriously. We use a modified version of Pankration that maintains the safety of the face, head and neck, avoiding facial bone breaks, concussions, and needless injuries. In the gym we train to full combat, but with headgear when doing face punching (see our full contact boxing videos for examples).
Here are our combat rules and expectations of the fighters within the rules:
• Takedowns, Ground Control, Submissions and Closed Fist Body Punches are allowed.
• Closed Fist Strikes to the face, head, or throat / neck are prohibited, as are kicks or knees to the head or face.
• In some matches, face, head and body slaps or palm strikes are allowed.
• In some matches, grasping the hair to control the head is allowed.
• Techniques must be executed with no ill intent and matches cannot be won by knockout, brutality or with deliberate intent to cause injury.
• Submissions must be executed with gradually applied pressure allowing the opponent time to submit before injury.
• Strikes must be focused and delivered in a controlled manner ensuring proper placement.
• Matches are won by submission hold or move of any kind.
• Good sportsmanship is expected. Humiliation of an opponent is not tolerated.