FFV163 Cali Wylde vs Sammie the Bull Kickboxing


FFV163 Cali Wylde vs Sammie the Bull KICKBOXING. This was brewing for a long time.They have done an MMA Glove fight (FFV118), a smother fight (FFV122), a live catfight at a pro wrestling show (FFV128), and have had numerous “almost fights” in the gym.


FFV163 Cali Wylde vs Sammie the Bull Kickboxing. These two have an intense feud going back to their first encounter in FFV115. Both girls were eager to hurt each other, and this video does not disappoint. MMA glove punching (no head shots) and full contact kicking – and they really unload on each other. One girl has to stop twice due to the damage inflicted. Both ended the fight bruised and exhausted. Get the video and tell us who you think won? Did it settle anything? Not a chance. They still dislike each other, maybe even more now. GET THIS VIDEO!

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