FFV170 Rogue vs Kayley Foxx Extreme Catfight


Kayley Foxx has had some brutal catfights with her rival, Sammie the Bull (FFV77, FFV104). Rogue is a new fighter and is the same size as Kayley. Both women are barely over 40, and each wanted to prove who the best at their age was. What followed was a rough, intense, hairpulling and slapping struggle. They spent most of the fight body to body on the mat, hands entwined with each other’s long hair. Both are in incredible shape. Neither would submit, and finally they just decided they wanted to hurt the other. One girl gets some solid face slaps in, causing the other to call out in anger. The fight ends with nothing settled, and each wanting to get their claws not only on each other again, but the “younger” girls in Freshfite to teach them a lesson about how to really fight. A must have video.


FFV170 Rogue vs Kayley Foxx Extreme Catfight

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